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This week’s guest Steve Brossman is known as an authority catalyst – he makes it his business to empower people to sell their knowledge services in a crowded market, but everything he said is applicable to any business owner or salesperson.

He’s written a book called Stand Up Stand Out, and once created a plastic ashtray shaped as a bum which sold over four million units worldwide. Steve has many great examples of how tweaking a marketing message in a certain way can massively improve business. Read on for some of Steve’s top tips:

** Have an outcome-based title for your business.

** Get away from selling yourself and your service – sell a blueprint for your clients.

** Your introductions should intrigue rather than inform – it’s about inducing the question from your audience of “how do you do that?”

** Package your service offering in a sentence with words that you wouldn’t normally put together.

** Don’t over-emphasise price in your message.

** Sell for the next step – don’t get bogged down in the whole process.

  In this episode of Business Brain Food you will learn:

** The changing business coaching market

** How to stand out in a crowded field

** The authority accelerator blueprint

** The difference between positioning and marketing

** The difference between wants and needs

** The logic/emotion buying equation

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Listen to Steve if you want to stand out from the crowd. There is so much that can be done to tweak your message. Do this before you change your pricing. Also, if you are enjoying these Business Brain Food podcasts, then make sure to share them via social media sites or email the links to family and friends. A lot of time and effort goes into producing each of these podcasts with the goal in mind of the more people we can inspire about business the better. You can help us do just that! Until next time, have a profitable day. Cheers, Ben Fewtrell (02) 9111 5000