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Isn’t it nice when someone has a big idea and backs themself to make it happen? Kelly Lavery tells Ben her truly inspirational story - a story that took her to the financial brink but out the other side as a famous inventor and successful businesswoman. Her invention, the Strucket, is now on sale at some massive retailers and you may have even seen it featured on TV.

See some of Kelly’s top tips below:
** A failed business can set you up to succeed with the next one. Failing once really worked for Kelly.
** Make sure you know exactly how much money you can afford to lose when you’re starting your business. Plan your worst-case financials in advance and stick to them.
** If you are developing something that nobody has done before, be prepared to spend a huge amount on marketing. You will need to do a lot to educate your market.
** Think seriously about getting a business partner if you don’t have one. It was this one decision that made Kelly’s business.
In this episode of Business Brain Food you will learn:
** How to get your invention to market
** How a prototype can become a viable product
** The true cost of producing a new invention
** How it’s possible for a mother to raise kids and be a successful entrepreneur
** The value of partnership in business
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We’ll end with a great quote from Kelly: “Every problem has a solution, but sometimes our emotions make that solution a little bit hazy.”
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