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On the show this week we’re paying special attention to service businesses. Our guest has been there and done it with her own service business, and now she advises other service businesses how they can grow. Her particular area of expertise is in the online sphere, more specifically Facebook and LinkedIn groups, so we picked her brains for her insight on those.


Having worked with a whole host of companies ranging from seven-figure online businesses right the way through to the very biggest Fortune 500 companies, Brittany really is worth listening to. As well as social media groups, Brittany gave some great advice about scaling a service business in general:

See below for some top tips on how to use social media groups to scale your service business:

** Don’t get too hung up on the ‘elevate phase’ of online marketing. Yes you need landing pages etc. and an online presence, but once you find your leads, the ‘engage phase’ is more important.

** Try not to send mass messages to Linkedin contacts.

** When in a group on any social media, always be of value to others and help people where possible.

** Think of group interaction as being like a real offline relationship, i.e. don’t just go steaming in there and start selling yourself!

** Give yourself permission to abandon a strategy that’s not working.

** Create a wishlist of people you most want to connect with and set a plan to connect with them.

In this episode of Business Brain Food you will learn:

** How to get leads from online social media groups

** The elevate phase

** The right amount of time to spend working the groups

** How to find clients in groups with no-advertising rules

** How a service business can scale

** Feast and famine cycles

** When to say no to clients

** How best to hire for a service business

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Brittany has proven just how simple it is to scale up a service business. Listen and learn!

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Until next time, have a profitable day.

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