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Play a Bigger Game with Rowdy Mclean

Rowdy McLean likes to live life on the edge. He challenges the average and interrupts the status quo. Playing a Bigger Game is Rowdy McLean’s life story, overcoming adversity and challenges to achieve remarkable results.

He has played professional sport, run marathons, climbed mountains, broken world records and He retired at just 34. His book “Play a Bigger game” was featured at this years London book fair and has been published in 7 countries.

A down to earth, “Fair dinkum” type of guy, he is the sort of person anyone would want on their team.

During this interview, Rowdy will share his insights of why people fail and how you can make sure you succeed!

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In this episode of Business Brain Food you will learn:

** Setting Goals v Kicking Goals

** Why you’re not achieving your goals

** Rowdy’s 4 step process to kicking your goals

** Why you need Non-Negotiables in your business

Resources mentioned in this episode:


** Bottlerocket Combo (Rob Turner and Ian Dittman). If you want to buy their CD you can email Rob Turner;

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