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How to Present with Michelle Bowden

Refined over two decades with many thousands of delighted clients. Michelle Bowden’s presentation and persuasion skills training solutions are unique in their content, approach and results.

As the author of, ‘Don’t Picture me Naked!’, ‘STOP! Your PowerPoint is Killing me!’ and the best selling book, ‘How to Present’ – the ultimate guide to presenting your ideas and influenc-ing people using techniques that actually work. Michelle is a wealth of knowledge when it comes to being an effective presenter.

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This episode is for anyone who has to present whether one on one or one to many. If you need to make a presentation with the outcome of persuading someone or a group change their think-ing, this is one episode you do not want to miss!

In this episode of Business Brain Food you will learn:

** How to overcome your nerves and become more comfortable presenting.

** Michelle smashes the ‘More people fear public speaking than death’ myth.

** The best way to intro yourself for an impactful start to your presentation.

** How to engage the audience

** The 4 elements to a persuasive presentation

** How to handle a heckler!

** Plus much, much more.

Resources mentioned in this episode:




** Bottlerocket Combo (Rob Turner and Ian Dittman). If you want to buy their CD you can email Rob Turner;

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