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How to Create Leads with Content Marketing

Learn how to consistently create good content that drives leads into your Web site with Liza Choa. Productive content makes you money!

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Tim Washer, Senior Marketing Manager of Social Media at Cisco, shares his view on content marketing and the importance of using humour to engage people who interact with your brand. When you entertain people, your business amplifies its message and products. Connect with people through stories, and then they will share your stories with others – that’s a win for your business!

Content Maximiser founder Liza Choa discusses how to implement content marketing in business to generate leads and build authority relationships. You need to differentiate your business from others. Choa uses a 90-day planning, which involves developing content for 90 days in just one day to one week. Then you do not become overwhelmed trying to generate content. Her planning process includes using themes and referencing existing content that links back to her Web site.

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In this episode of Business Brain Food you will learn:

** The purpose of content marketing (sell products and generate leads)

** How to create a 90-day planning process

** To use content that engages people and builds relationships

** How to use multimedia content (audio, videos, emails, etc)

** To use outsourcing and existing content

** How to be aware of your customers’ needs and requests

** What equipment is needed to create content (lighting, cameras, microphones)

** Why to collect email addresses to build customer databases

Resources mentioned in this episode:

** Content Maximiser

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** BBF:014 - Podcasting with John Lee Dumas

** BBF:017 - Marketing Automation with Crystelle Topatan

** Apple - iPad

** RODE Microphones - SmartLav

** RODE Microphones - PSA1

** = search for swivl audio products



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