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Are good manners in business important or old fashioned? with Patsy Rowe

Statistics show that people are no longer saying: please, thank you, and other terms that express good manners and signs of respect. There is a lack of wanting to be more polite. People don’t have the manners they once had. With the hustle and bustle of daily life and use of social media, emails, and other electronic methods of communication, are good manners in business important or old fashioned?

Patsy Rowe, an author, keynote speaker and expert on business etiquette, believes good manners will never be old fashioned – especially in business! She discusses how to behave in public, how to introduce yourself, how to address people, and other valuable information. We are judged on how we look, how we speak, and how we behave. Therefore, it is important that our manners are good. Knowing basic skills can lead to success. Rowe’s tips will help lift up your standards in business etiquette and help you gain more business!

In this episode of Business Brain Food you will learn:

** Business etiquette tips

** The importance of interpersonal and communication skills in business

** How to make a good first impression

** The impact of the electronic world in business communication

** How employees are judged based on their manners

** How business etiquette differs across cultures

Resources mentioned in this episode:

** Visit

** Etiquette's boot camp for blokes

** Time poor Australians abandoning good manners

Make sure to use good manners in the business world!

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