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How to Systemise Your Business with John Tonkin

SYSTEM = Saving Your Self Time, Energy, and Money. Businesses need systems in place in order to be successful. The benefits of systems include improved efficiency, extra profits, and higher sale values. Your business is not all about you. You need to have systems in place for your business to work without you. Get people involved. One person cannot do everything!

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How can you systemise your business to take it to the next level? John Tonkin shares his thoughts about the ins and outs regarding business systems. The most important aspects of business systems are: agreement on how things should be done, training, and support.

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Also, Tonkin uses the Four P's Framework for business systems:

** Policy (Why?)

** Process (What steps are involved?)

** Procedure (What are the necessary details?)

** Props (How to deliver systems – check-lists, signs, videos, etc.)

You don’t have to systemise everything – just core functions that cannot experience failure. Initially, you will have to dedicate costs to create the business systems. However, you are benefiting from day one. The initial costs save you time and money in the long run.

In this episode of Business Brain Food you will learn:

** Why businesses need systems

** How to use a Mind Map to start and create business systems

** How to involve team members in the development of systems

** How to implement business systems

** How to deliver and provide access to system props

** How to get team members to use the systems

** What common mistakes are made with systems

** When to review business systems

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** - video

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Do you use systems in your business?

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