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Bounce Forward with Sam Cawthorn

Everyone has problems – at work and in life. Sam Cawthorn discovered success from his adversity and overcoming tough times. He was a sales representative who fell asleep at the wheel and was hit by a semi-trailer truck. He was in the hospital for more than five months and was told he might not survive or walk again. He was in a wheelchair for a year, and his right arm was amputated.

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There are three main ingredients to focus on during difficult times:

  1. Proximity: Surround yourself with positive and supportive people (wife, parents, children, etc.).
  2. Leverage Happiness: Learn and decide to be grateful and happy rather than bitter and depressed.
  3. Bounce Forward and Not Back: Don’t go back to where you have been. Instead, the toughest times generate growth.

Sam Cawthorn realised he was alive for a reason and purpose. He has a valuable message to share and wants to help people with their own personal transformation. To describe his journey of self-discovery, he is now a motivational speaker and has written several books, including Bounce Forward. Also, he has partnered with Google to create the Institute for Professional Speakers, which teaches people all aspects involved with public speaking.

In this episode of Business Brain Food you will learn:

** How to bounce forward, not back

** Tips to stand out as a person of influence

** Why it is important to have mentors

** The need for your message to have value

** How to deliver your message through social media, books, and other outlets

** How to connect with and engage target audiences

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