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How to Succeed as a Solo Business Owner with Robert Gerrish

Whether you start your own business in a garden shed, lavatory or spare bedroom, how do you get it up and running when you are on your own? About 73 percent of Australians operate a business on their own. You are not alone! You can connect and support each other. Robert Gerrish is the founder of Flying Solo, an online microbusiness community that offers help, coaching, and support for those who operate a business from home on their own.

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Solo business owners experience freedom and flexibility, but they face many challenges, as well. They usually don’t have a team to bounce ideas off of, they have to find enough clients for steady revenue, and there is so much to do. It can be stressful and overwhelming. To be a successful solo business owner, you need to focus on clarifying, planning, strategizing, and organizing your business. The Flying Solo website is a fantastic resource for entrepreneurs and we highly recommend that you head over to the website and check it out for yourselves. Also, time management, discipline, and accountability are must-have skills. Have a very clear vision of where you want to go with your business and your life! Create a business that works for you. Take time for yourself and to spend with family and friends. Move away from your desk. That’s when you come up with your best ideas! “The time you enjoy wasting, is not wasted time.” – as said by Bertrand Russell, John Lennon, and others. In this episode of Business Brain Food you will learn:

** The biggest challenges of home-based businesses

** How to overcome those challenges

** The importance of having a vision and plan for your business

** How to use resources such as books

** About outsourcing work and tasks

** Why to document procedures and processes

** Tips on how start your own business

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Do you have a home-based business?

Do you need help and guidance starting your business? Use the information provided in this podcast to reach out to others. We would also highly recommend checking out the Flying Solo website if you are an Entrepreneur. It contains so many great resources to help you in each and every aspect of your business and you certainly wont be disappointed with what you find. Also, if you do have a business and you would like a mentor of whom you can meet with in person and speak about tactics to help you grow your business, then speak with us at ActionCOACH today about Business Coaching. Our business coaches help business owners all over the world and are able to help direct and guide you as well. Until next time, have a profitable day! Cheers, Ben Fewtrell (02) 9111 5000

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