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BBF:049 15 Tips for Business Success

Some of the tips are broad, while some are specific. But each of these 15 tips makes a business successful, and they will help you succeed. Some tips you will already have in place for your business, while others have not been implemented by you – yet!

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The tips are in no specific order – so you can order them in a way that best suits you!

** Be organised: Otherwise you will miss things, and they will go astray. Create “To Do” lists; manage yourself to be effective and efficient; and use a diary to document all things that happen. Listen to BBF 045 that focuses on productivity.

** Stay Focused: Follow One Course Until Successful! It is not what you say “Yes” to, but what you say “No” What are you not doing or no longer doing?

** Develop a yearn to learn: Learn on a constant basis. Listen to podcasts and audio books. Take time to learn more.

** Recurring Sales: Make sure your business has some way to generate recurring income/sales. Contact your customers on a regular basis to let them know more about your products.

** Give great service! What kind of customer experiences have you had lately? What do they score on a scale of 1-10?

** Be consistent: Your customers know what they are going to get from your business. Be consistent in what you deliver.

** Stop worrying about your competition: Keep an eye on them and what they are up to, but don’t compare your business with others.

** Stop waiting for perfection: Take action now! Perfect is unattainable! And nothing is ever finished.

** Join or start a Mastermind group: To start off, read the book, “Think & Grow Rich.” Leverage off of other people. No one knows everything. So as a group, you can accomplish more!

** Know your numbers: Don’t be one of those who do not know their break-even point, have a cash flow forecast, a budget, etc. – cardinal sins of business!

** Have a responsive Web site: It needs to work on any device – iPad, smartphone, tablet, computer, etc.

** Build a team: The team will do the work when you are not there. Also, you can outsource anything.

** Learn from your mistakes: Don’t get upset – that won’t fix anything. Instead, learn from them.

** Action plan: Have some sort of action plan in place that includes your goals and other pieces.

** Put time into Marketing: Do as much marketing as anything else in your business. At least 50 percent of your resources need to go into marketing if you want your business to grow.

For more details on each tip, listen to the entire podcast! It will be worth your time! In this episode of Business Brain Food you will learn:

** Tips, workshops, and groups on how to use social media

** Tips to utilise as an individual

** Tips to implement in a business

** External and internal tips

Resources mentioned in this episode:

** Smashing Social Media Workshop:

** Social Media Mentoring Group:

** Jab, Jab, Jab, Right Hook:

** BBF:045 How to Double Your Productivity with Colin Boyd:

** Apple Inc:

** Audible:

** McDonald's:

** Richard Branson:

** Think & Grow Rich:

** BBF:048 People You Must Surround Yourself With for Business Success:

** Bizow Online:

** Fiverr:

** Elance:

** Planning Club:

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