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Profiling for Business Success With Dr. Tony Alessandra

Have you ever had problems with co-workers because you just did not mesh with them? The company you work for probably didn’t use a DISC assessment when building your team! A DISC assessment measures someone’s behavioural style - how they behave with others. DISC stands for four different patterns of behavior: D=dominance, I=influence, S=Steadiness, and C=Conscientiousness. Everyone has a mixture of all four areas. A DISC assessment is accurate, simple, and practical.

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Dr. Tony Alessandra owns a company called Assessments 24x7, which offers assessments, training, and support. Many businesses use profiling and personality tools and assessments for sales training, leadership training, team building, and communication management. Then businesses can get more sales, have better leaders and managers, and put a great team together. An assessment is an incredible strategic tool that offers tremendous value to your company! In this episode of Business Brain Food you will learn:

** Different types of assessments

** Definition of a DISC assessment

** Difference between natural and adaptive styles

** How businesses use DISC assessments

** Background of Assessments 24x7

** Difference between Myers-Briggs and DISC assessments

** How to implement assessment results

** How personality types impact all areas of your life

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Do you use assessments when hiring and training?

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