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Franchising made Easy with James Corne

Is franchising the way to go with your business? Many business owners think they cannot afford to franchise or that the concept of franchising is too complex. However, franchising is a way for people to pay you to grow your business. Besides growing your business, a reason to franchise is because franchise owners are more passionate, dedicated, and effective.

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Most businesses can become a franchise, but not every business is set up to franchise. It depends on who is running the business, the type of business, and where the business is in its life cycle. And becoming a franchise does not happen overnight. You need to allocate time to take the business where you want it to go. It takes about six months from the beginning to the launch as a franchise. As a franchise, you become a consultant and serve as a mentor in your own business. You guide and facilitate success. You have to replicate what you did in your business, plus possess certain skills – you must like people and be able to lead. Podcast guest James Corne is the author of Franchising Made Easy and founder of The Franchise Institute, which has helped develop franchise systems in 200 different business sectors. It specialises in helping small to medium businesses determine if franchising is right for them or not. Almost all businesses can become a franchise. But understanding what works, doesn’t work, and avoiding mistakes in franchising allows your business to achieve success. If you’ve got a business where there is a demand, consider franchising! In this episode of Business Brain Food you will learn:

** Reasons to franchise

** How long it takes

** Determining who should franchise

** Rules whether a business can become a franchise

** Transition from owner to consultant

** Costs and pricing

** Legal aspects

** Mistakes and misconceptions

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