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Why People Fail with Siimon Reynolds

How can you make sure to not fail, but succeed! The media always seems to focus on those who are successful. But failure should be addressed, as well. Most successful people have failed many times, and failures happen more than successes! “Failure, for any ambitious person, is their constant companion. Success is only occasional,” said Siimon Reynolds.

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Simmon Reynolds is an internationally renowned expert on the predictable science of success and achievement. Also, he is a marketing guru and the co-founder of the Photon Group, a marketing services group. Plus, he is an author who wrote Why People Fail. There are several primary causes for people to fail: poor self-image, lack of a daily ritual, lack of clarity, and shortage of energy. Siimon shares many tips on how to be more successful, including listing reasons why you can achieve something, meditating, creating a business plan, evaluating and refining marketing efforts, being positive and a kind person, and being persistent. Study failure and understand it. Then you can unlock the key to success! In this episode of Business Brain Food you will learn:

** Why failures, not only successes, should be discussed

** Reasons why people fail

** Tips to be more successful

** Strategy for turning failures into positive results

** How to learn from competitors

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What does it take to be successful and avoid failure?

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