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From Uni Dropout to a Multi-Million Dollar Business with Dwayne Martens

After dropping out of university and adventures in traveling, Dwayne Martens was down and out. He was mingling with crowds that treated him like a dog. To bring awareness to that disrespect was the first step. Now, he surrounds himself with people who respect him. Your environment reflects where you are at in your life! Also, he read some books to help change his mindset. As a result, he developed confidence that he could do and be anything.

Now, Martens is a 30-year-old who goes to work without wearing any shoes and has a teepee as his sanctuary. He owns a multi-million dollar business that he started in 2008. His business, Amazonia, focuses on Acai and distributes health food through the nation. Martens has learned along the way and remains open minded. He continues to step outside of his comfort zone and plans to expand his business.

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Amazonia started out as a small business. Martens explains that to start a business:

** Get in the game

** Be in the game

** Have a purpose and business model

** Do good by people

** Have a strong vision

Martens has experienced growing pains when it comes to his business. He suggests the following to handle such challenges:

** Treat others well

** Chose to work with the right people

** Pay attention to and have processes in place regarding finances/cash flow

The keys to being a successful entrepreneur:

** Look into yourself; what is holding you and your business back?

** What are you doing your business for – money or purpose?

** Philosophy and culture of a business is everything!

And most importantly, have fun!!!

In this episode of Business Brain Food you will learn:

** How to change your mindset

** Why surround yourself with the right people

** How to develop different businesses

** To identify purpose of business for it to grow

** What challenges are related to growth

** Keys to being a successful entrepreneur

** How to create a positive work culture

** Why set growth goals

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