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We’ve got a razor-sharp guest on the show this week. Listen up if you want to know how to give the knockout pitch you need to raise investment for your business. John Livesay is an eminent funding strategist who is so revered he even has a nickname, “The Pitch Whisperer”! He has authored a book called “The Successful Pitch” and he also hosts the Successful Pitch Podcast, so he is well worth listening to.

Below are some of the highlights of the conversation with Ben:

** A pitch whisperer answers the three unspoken questions everyone has, no matter what you’re pitching. 1. Do I trust you? 2. Do I like you? 3. Will this work for me/will I get a ROI?

** You only have 90 seconds to captivate your audience.

** Focus your story by mapping out in your head who you’re helping, what problem you’re solving, how big the market is and why you’re the right person to execute this.

** Forget selling for a moment. Tell stories instead.

** Telling stories helps you show off your best skills but without it being too blatant.

** When you raise money from angel investors, make sure it lasts 12-18 months.

  In this episode of Business Brain Food you will learn:

** How to distinguish between and investor and a customer

** The power of now

** The structure of a good story

** The characteristics of an investable person

** Where startups should go to find funding

** Equity crowdfunding

** The workings of the seed round

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“People remember your stories, not your numbers.” If you take that advice from John, you won’t got far wrong! Also, if you are enjoying these Business Brain Food podcasts, then make sure to share them via social media sites or email the links to family and friends. A lot of time and effort goes into producing each of these podcasts with the goal in mind of the more people we can inspire about business the better. You can help us do just that! Until next time, have a profitable day. Cheers, Ben Fewtrell (02) 9111 5000

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