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Quite simply one of the best guests we’ve ever had, Carl Taylor is really going to teach you a thing or two about e-marketing in this episode. Not only is Carl a marketing expert who currently runs a highly successful marketing agency, he’s been there and done it as an entrepreneur and even better: he’s been coached by us here at MaxMyProfit.


Incredibly, Carl was running his own business when still at school and he did this at the same time as working as an assistant manager in a pizza shop! Although he admits he’s always been a bit of a geek, he only got into e-marketing in order to promote his own business. So this guy’s lived this from your side of the fence, and by his own admission, he’s made loads of mistakes which you won’t make if you keep reading.

Here are some of his top tips:

** Marketing gets people calling you rather than you having to call them.

** Every business has the ability to attract customers with email marketing. What changes from business to business is how much human interaction you need afterwards.

** If you’re not strong at tech, learn what you can about the concepts of the sales and marketing process – don’t worry about how you do it. Always build your own strategy – don’t outsource it!

** Make sure your lead magnet has genuine value and takes a short amount of time to consume.

** Think of the sales funnel as the dating process: there is a whole process that builds rapport before any major commitment.

** Understand if your business is product based V service based. If it’s service based then a longer phase of freebies might be required at the beginning of the process. If it’s product based and the product is a low value, then you can go in more quickly.

** Don’t forget, you can combine free with paid offers in the early stages.

** Don’t get too hung up on opt-in rates. Look at your ROI as your main measure.

** Remember that timing is a factor in the marketing and sales process. If your core offer didn’t come at the right time, keep your prospects warm until a time when it might be. Having done this, always remember that at some point you’re going to need to make them an offer to commit again.

In this episode of Business Brain Food you will learn:

** Carl’s own story of marketing ups and downs

** An understanding of open rates & opt-in rates

** How often you should email your prospects

** What ROI you should expect

** The purpose of a lead magnet

** Should you give away free ebooks?

** How to use a webinar to qualify your leads

** How to set impulse-buy price points

** The nurturing sequence

Resources mentioned in this episode:

** Register for Ben’s workshops across Australia, “The 5-stage business growth blueprint”.

** Carl’s website which includes a free PDF of killer email subjects:

** Carl’s agency:

** Facebook:

** Facebook group:

** Twitter:

** iTunes:

** Stitcher:

This man’s been there and done it and from nothing has become an unbelievable marketer. If he can do it, so can you!

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Until next time, have a profitable day.

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