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We’ve got someone with a pretty colourful background on the show today. Ross Jeffries honed his skills as a dating guru, helping over 60,000 men around the world build up their attraction to the opposite sex. He eventually realised the very same theory could be applied to business, so now he travels the world sharing his wisdom to sales teams and business owners.


Ross gave some absolutely great tips that will help you sell better. Keep reading and then listen to the show!

** You’re not selling your product and service – you’re selling decisions and good feelings about decisions.

** Don’t think of yourself as a salesperson, think of yourself as a decision service engineer.

** Your selling attitude needs to go something like: “I’m interested in the sale but I’m invested in my skills”.

** Being energetic and blessing people with good energy can build a bridge to something beyond what you thought you could imagine. But there is a balance between doing this and trying too hard and scaring people off.

** Add the phrase “up until now” to any phrase in your head that you use to summarise your own failures. Then start using ‘ownership language’, i.e. “and now I use my skills and my learning to close my big money clients.”

** There is a difference between being likeable and setting out just to be liked. Don’t ever make “being liked” a target. It should be seen more as a byproduct.

** ‘Pleasant’ is power that’s held in check.

In this episode of Business Brain Food you will learn:

** How to eliminate guilt from the sales process

** How to break ‘learnt helplessness’

** The ‘sympathetic nervous system’

** How to make affirmations work for you

** The different phases of incompetence and competence

** The ARIA theory to turn stumbling blocks into momentum

** The common mistakes in sales

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Ross is absolute living proof that presenting yourself is vital across all aspects of life, not just business, so open your ears and sharpen up your repertoire!

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Until next time, have a profitable day.

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