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It’s very easy to get stuck in the habit of spending hours and hours writing your own content, but this week’s show is a great reminder of how you can feed the machine just as well by using other people’s content and save yourself a load of time while you’re at it.


This week’s guest is Scott Scanlon: founder and owner of the Curation Suite app. Scott was kind enough to share with us some great tips on how to find and to share content to keep in touch with your audience:

** Content curation is the easiest type of marketing you do. It’s basically being a reporter for your market.

** Content curation is the number one way of getting started with social media.

** Make sure you add your own thoughts to a story.

** You can do 5 pieces of curation in the time it would take to do a typical blog post.

** If you’re already doing content, adding curation is easy.

** Keep your blog or site as simple as possible and focus on your CTAs.

** Concentrate on one path of conversion.

In this episode of Business Brain Food you will learn:

** The difference between curation and creation

** The inner workings of Curation Suite

** The definition of ‘fair use’

** How frequently you should share curated content

** How to find content to create

** How to use tools to find trending content before your competitors

Resources mentioned in this episode:

** Business coaching with Ben for less than 10 AUD per day – go to

** Scott’s book, ‘Content Curation Secrets’ free download here:

** Curation Suite site:

** Business Brain Food Website: www.businessbraingood

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If you’re struggling to find the time to create your own content, listen to Scott and get on the curation train!

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Until next time, have a profitable day.

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