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This week we delve deep into the inspiring story of Pauline Nguyen, who overcame some incredible adversity to become one of the most revered restaurateurs in the world (her Sydney restaurant, The Red Lantern, is the most awarded Vietnamese restaurant in the world).

As a young child, Pauline was smuggled out of Vietnam on a boat and survived squalid conditions in a Thai refugee camp before eventually ending up in Australia. She had a seriously tough upbringing, with her father regularly beating her and then forcing her to work in the family businesses from the age of 7.


Eventually Pauline ran away from home and put herself through uni, and so started the journey of monumental success that led her to writing a book and becoming a much-in-demand keynote speaker.

Pauline shared with us some great life advice that she has learnt along the way:

**“Persistency is the new currency: the universe rewards the unreasonably determined”

**By being creative outside of your business, you can prevent yourself from being bogged down in the day-to-day running of it.

**Other businesses on the side can fulfill you better than just blindly sticking to one.

**The moment Pauline’s life as an entrepreneur improved was when she realised there was no way to get her deeper message out there if she was stuck in a restaurant 24/7.

**Don’t micromanage – employ members who treat the place like their own.

**“In our world ‘the obstacle is the way’ – the universe will only hand to us what it thinks we can handle”

**“Those who don’t take action are the most confused”

**“Look after your health – you will feel you have more time if you look after your health”

In this episode of Business Brain Food you will learn:

**Pauline’s incredible story

**How food can be a catalyst to learn life skills

**The power of building a community with your business

**How to find the right team

**How Pauline rode out the GFC

**Is there a right time to give up?

**The definition of courage

**Emotional mastery

**The power of a pier group

**The value of meditation

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**Red Lantern Restaurant site

**Book Pauline as a public speaker here

**Pauline’s self-help resource can be found here


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Pauline’s story is very inspiring. If you listen to just one of her pearls of wisdom, you’ll set yourself up to be way more successful!

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Until next time, have a profitable day.

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