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What a diverse character we have on the show this week; AFL footballer, TV presenter, MC, international media agent… what hasn’t this guy done?!?

As you can imagine we had a great chat with Troy Gray. He’s got so much insight from his amazing journey in business and in life, so it was a great privilege to have him on the show sharing it with us. Read on for some of the top tips that came out of the conversation:

**Go to the end users in your marketplace and find out what they want rather than what you want.

**Don’t ask too much of new contacts. Take an approach like this: “You’re a person who inspires me, and I’ve got an idea that can make you money. If you’d like to hear more then get back to me”.

**Remember the concept of the elevator pitch – don’t write long emails first up.

**People who are successful tend to love being asked what they think. Asking for advice is a great foot in the door with eminent business people.

**Really really listen to what people are saying when you pitch to them – if you can’t entice people to ask more questions during a pitch then that’s a sign that it’s not working.

**Don’t do it on your own in business. It’s nearly always worth giving away equity in order to gain inspiration from others.

**Major on reporting to your investors. Regular reporting is a great mechanism for cross-checking your own logic in running the business.

In this episode of Business Brain Food you will learn:

**Troy’s incredible story

**How sportspeople are equipped to drive business

**The importance of playing the industry game in order to get people to listen to your ideas

**The power of focus groups**The perception of the Australian psyche in the world of business

**The game of equity

**The right time to stop

**Can pitching be learnt?

**How to be held accountable as an entrepreneur

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How can you fail to be inspired by a guy like Troy? This man speaks the truth. You could do a lot worse than put a touch of Troy into your business!

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Until next time, have a profitable day.

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