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Spending big money on marketing and advertising is second nature to many businesses, but all too often they treat recruitment as an afterthought. Our guest this week, Roberta Matuson, explains just how important good recruitment is to your business, and gives us some great shortcuts that you can put into action today.

Roberta has a great track record in the business, having helped the likes of Microsoft, General Motors and The Boston Beer Company. She has also written two books on recruitment, one of which was listed in the Washington Post’s Top 5 business books.

Read on for some of Roberta’s best advice:


**  The leader of a company is all-important to recruitment. That’s what attracts the talent.

**  “Companies need to change their teams into recruiting machines” - don’t just defer to HR and wash your hands of it!

**  Don’t think badly of candidates who are unemployed. If they’re good enough, they’re good enough.

**  Linkedin is a great way of screening candidates - you can quickly check the credentials of people via your own extended networks.

**  Once you start the process of recruitment it’s vitally important you commit the time to see it through. Follow up those CVs and book in those interviews, otherwise the best candidates will be tied up elsewhere.

**  Always be in recruiting mode - a good waiter or bar person could be excellent for your company, so don’t be afraid to offer people opportunities when you stumble across them.

**  Don’t underestimate mature workers - you don’t always need to chase potential.

**  Recruiting is not just about finding new people - it’s about retention. Keep your best staff and you won’t need to work so hard on recruitment.


In this episode of Business Brain Food you will learn:


**  How to attract the best talent

**  The importance of authenticity

**  How to recruit for sales

**  Recruiting on Linkedin

**  When it’s appropriate to check people’s social media reputation

**  The value of a contract recruiter


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If you don’t get your recruitment right, your company will never fulfil its potential. Take note!

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Until next time, have a profitable day.

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