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Get your presentation skills right and you can totally transform your business, so listen up to our esteemed guest Jon Yeo. Jon is the licensing curator of TEDx Melbourne and has worked as a specialist consultant for numerous TEDx speakers, so he understands exactly what it takes for speakers to succeed at the highest level.

There were so many pearls of wisdom from Jon, which were delivered clearly and succinctly as you can imagine! Here are some of the highlights:


**  Speaking is becoming more relevant. In an era where words have been reduced down for mediums like Twitter, TED-style talks (18 minutes or less) are more relevant than ever.

**  On-demand education from talks is becoming more popular by the day, because of how fluid people’s careers are these days. People need to learn a lot of different things throughout their career but often can’t justify learning in the same academic depth as they used to.

**  Good communication is a balance of relevance and engagement. Think ‘content’, ‘context’ and ‘intent’.

**  When giving a talk, get over the fact you’re transferring knowledge. The emphasis should be on giving insight. Aspire to get your audience to say “tell me more about that”.

**  It takes and average of 25 times to fully ‘embody’ your content. The amount of practice you need to put in when speaking is to get you to the point where you are so ‘embodied’ in your content, your delivery sounds natural.

**  The greatest speakers have the ability to change the tone, pitch and positioning of information.

**  Always remember your audience. This sounds obvious, but you must think long and hard about what they might want to hear, and give them a message that’s digestible.

**  Be clear on your desired outcome at the end. That way you know what content to leave out.


In this episode of Business Brain Food you will learn:


**  How long you should practice for a talk

**  How to market yourself to TEDx

**  How to cram your message in to 18 minutes

**  The 9 dimensions of communication

**  What is the right amount of content

**  The benefits of speaking coaching

**  The 5 levels of understanding

**  Do we still need subject matter experts?


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As Jon said, think of the potential loss of opportunity if you stuff up your pitch/speech. This is a fundamental part of business that you need to master!

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Until next time, have a profitable day.

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