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This week we have a great conversation about how you can use your business as a vehicle to educate and do good. Our guest is Patty Alper, author of the book “Teach To Work” and founder of the Alper Portfolio Group, the Alper Foundation and the NFTE Network. Through these organisations Patty has mentored thousands of young people, and has a great insight into just how beneficial mentoring can be for both the mentor and the pupil, and how mentoring is becoming increasingly important for the future of the world economy.

See below for some great mentoring insight:

**  Through mentoring you can give your business a human face. Building better links with your community in this way will have obvious benefits for marketing and sales.

** Mentoring can help with recruitment. Millennials want to work for companies that display a social conscience.

** Mentoring can be very inspiring. Your pitch is likely to be worth a lot more than anything a famous celebrity could ever say or do, because you are in the same room as receptive young people and on their level.

** Everybody in business who has the time should be a mentor. The education system has been proven to be inadequate for the current employment needs of the world.

** Schools and local organisations are normally very receptive to people who offer mentoring.


In this episode of Business Brain Food you will learn:


** How your business can benefit by being a mentor

** How can you actually start to be a mentor?

** Business mentoring success stories

** Why is there a skills gap?

** How educators can prepare the youth of today


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Mentoring is quite simply a win-win scenario for both parties, and from what Patty said is quite easy to get into. Think seriously about sharing your skills!

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