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This week we’re deconstructing the sales process with someone who is not only a sales expert but who has walked the walk himself as an entrepreneur. Carl Gould had built three multi-million businesses by the time he was 40, and has since written three bestselling books on sales and business development. As a consultant he has worked with over 5,000 businesses on their sales function.

Carl’s energy and passion for the subject matter really is incredible – there was just so much gold in the conversation.


Check some of Carl’s top tips:

**  You cannot be a business owner unless you know how to sell and market yourself. If you can’t you will not survive.

**  You don’t have to be a particular ‘type’ of salesperson. You don’t need to be pushy. It’s more important to have full belief in your product.

**  In selling, there is no prize for second place. Coming last is better than second. Make sure you qualify your leads properly so you don’t waste resources coming second.

**  Always make sure you create an ideal client profile. Who is the most likely person that would benefit from your product and service, and why would they?

**  Think about these key things when profiling your buyer: ‘What keeps my ideal buyer awake at night?’ ‘What makes them get yelled at when they get home?’ ‘What’s going on in their life and business right now that makes buying from your business an urgency?’

**  Find what your clients are most passionate about and design your product and services around that.


In this episode of Business Brain Food you will learn:

**  How to outsource sales

**  The different steps of the sales cycle

**  How to create leads

**  How to stop people dropping out of the sales cycle

**  How to find the right sales people

**  How to correctly incentivise sales people

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We’ll leave you with a great inspirational quote from Carl: "Anybody can sell - you just have to be fully bought into the product, understand the customer and give them the opportunity to buy"

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Until next time, have a profitable day.

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