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It’s a constant battle for many business owners: just how do you turn web traffic into useful leads? We’ve got someone on the show this week who will tell you how. Lindsey Anderson is the founder and CEO of, a company that specializes in this area. She’s been so successful that she’s been given the nickname “one-click Lindsey”!

We had a great chat with Lindsey – she’s someone who cuts through all the myth and tells it how it is.

See below for some of Lindsey’s top tips;

**  Who cares if you have a website? It’s only worth having one if it drives phone calls and sales.

**  The number one mistake most businesses make is they don’t have an irresistible offer on their website.

**  You must create content that makes search engines and potential customers curious.

**  80-90% of people who opt in on websites do so via a popup.

**  Email people regularly to keep them warm. Once a week is optimum, at the same time on the same day.

**  Remember, it doesn’t have to always be written content. Audio and video content can still create curiosity and engage your potential leads.


In this episode of Business Brain Food you will learn:

**  The “click” technique

**  How to rank higher for keywords

**  Using Facebook pixels

**  The value of email marketing

**  How regularly to target people

**  Different Facebook campaigns

**  How Yoast SEO can guide you to optimise your blog posts

**  Backlinks explained

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If you can’t learn anything from what Lindsey said on the show then you never will! There is so much for you to have a go at to start generating those leads!

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Until next time, have a profitable day.

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