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This week we have some great no-nonsense marketing advice from a man who’s been there and done it, Mitch Hills. Mitch founded the highly successful social media agency, Mastered Marketing, as well as the Exceptions business community, and he sure knows how to deconstruct the complexities of modern-day marketing so anybody can understand it.

See below for some of Mitch’s top tips;

**  Get your content out there! Don’t worry about it being too polished.

**  A small audience can be an advantage in the beginning because it gives you a chance to perfect your own voice.

**  Don’t think of your marketing as just the promotion of your high-ticket items. Part of your marketing mix needs to encourage your audience to discover they have a problem in the first place.

**  Cheap leads are not necessarily good leads. It’s often worth working harder for better leads.

**  Understand the pain points of your customers. This should drive your marketing.

**  Think about how to move your customers from their current situation to their desired situation.

**  Ideally you should produce two pieces of video content per month. Alongside that, have one advert promoting your content and one promoting your lead magnet.

**  Broadcast what you’re already doing. Your customers are likely to find it interesting.


In this episode of Business Brain Food you will learn:

**  The power of Facebook advertising

**  Social media platforms compared

**  How to adapt landing pages to capitalise on your marketing

**  The best way to sell/package giveaways

**  Lead magnets explained

**  Repurposing explained

**  Facebook business pages V Facebook personal pages

Resources mentioned in this episode:

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**  Mitch’s website:

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Let’s end matters by quoting Mitch’s excellent summary of what your introductory offers/lead magnet should be. Never forget the phrase “low friction, high value.”

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