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What a pleasure it is to welcome back Steve Sims to the show. It’s hard to know where to start with Steve – he’s just done so much – but we’ll quickly summarise him as ‘a man who makes dreams come true’. His company, Blue Fish, specialises in creating unique life experiences for its clients. Since we last spoke to Steve he has sent someone to a space station, placed clients backstage with the likes of ZZ Top and Guns & Roses, and sent someone to Monte Carlo to be James Bond for the weekend. Steve has also written a book called “Blue Fishing” which he talks to us about.

See below for some of Steve’s advice on how to make the impossible possible:

**  Stop listening to that idiot on your shoulder saying ‘no’. If you think you can’t, you’re right.

**  When trying to pull off an unlikely experience, approach it like this: “I’ve always wanted to do this, what has to happen for this to happen?” Don’t walk straight in with money because people don’t want to feel like they’ve been sold.

**  Email is dead. Pick up the phone and leave a voice memo. This is a non-intrusive way of building a rapport with busy people.

**  Relationships are everything. Do every single thing you can to build and retain good relationships.


In this episode of Business Brain Food you will learn:

** How to court celebrities

**  How to build relationships that work

**  The power of voice memos

**  Steve’s colourful track record

**  A summary of Steve’s new book, Blue Fishing

**  How to leave a voice memo


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Remember Steve’s point about that ‘idiot’ on your shoulder. Don’t concentrate on the reasons why not, concentrate on the reasons why!

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