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Get your SEO right and it could completely change your business, so listen up to our SEO expert David James. In this week’s episode David guides us through a multitude of tips and tricks that will help you navigate the minefield of search-engine optimisation.

Read on for some of David’s top tips:

**  Beware of any marketeers who offer you black hat SEO, i.e. spamming comments on other sites to create backlinks, creating multiple landing pages etc. Search engines will get wise to this and penalise you by sending you down the search rankings.

**  Monitor your ranking on an ongoing basis. Pro Rank tracker is a good tool. Also Google Search Console can help with this.

**  Think long term. A 2-3 year plan is perfectly reasonable if your business is in a crowded marketplace.

**  The two key things to remember when optimising your site for SEO: the user experience and how many other sites have recommended you.

**  Site load time is an often-overlooked part of the mix. Make sure your site is built by someone who knows what they’re doing.

**  Use ‘schema’ functionality in your site, i.e. your key company information embedded within the html code.

**  Use the Google Keyword Planner to see what the search trends are in your marketplace. SEM rush is another good tool. And don’t forget that at the bottom of normal Google searches, there are suggested keywords.


In this episode of Business Brain Food you will learn:

**  SEO explained

**  White hat V Black hat SEO

**  Different search engine penalties

**  The zero position

**  The best content for SEO

**  The genesis framework

**  The search-engine spider

**  The value of XML site maps

**  Google Places reviews


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You’re now armed with all the tools you need to succeed with your SEO….. now go out and do it!

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