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Bob Burg has a refreshingly different take on giving. He draws the distinction between sacrifice and giving in a way that achieves mutual value for a business and its customers. Bob certainly knows what he’s talking about, having sold over 1.5 million books worldwide on the topic. His mantra is that the amount of money you make is directly proportional to the number of people you serve.

See below for more of Bob’s take on giving:

**  You can always give to others before you do business with them, i.e. information, introductions etc.

**  No one is doing business with you for your benefit – they’re doing it for their benefit.

**  Giving doesn’t necessarily mean being a martyr. You can be a good giver but also receive at the same time.

**  Always ask questions of your customers. Only then can you properly measure the value you are giving.

**  Remember: what we find valuable about our service might not be the same as what your customers think is valuable.

**  Think of the goals of your customers. How do they align with what you’re selling them?


In this episode of Business Brain Food you will learn:

**  More about Bob’s book, The Go-Giver

**  The law of value

**  The difference between price and value

**  The five elements of value

**  How to balance “self interest”

**  How to become influential in your space

**  Should you pay attention to your competitors?


Resources mentioned in this episode:

**  Become a business Excellerator at Maxmyprofit:

**  Bob’s website:

**  Bob’s most famous book, ‘The Go-Giver’ can be bought here

**  One of Bob’s go-to books mentioned in the episode, ‘The Power of Why’ by C. Richard Welyman can be bought here

**  The Business Brain Food Facebook group:

**  All previous BBF episodes & show notes can be found at

**  Twitter:


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If you are to take one message from this episode it is that value is a two-way thing. Think long and hard about what value you can give, and then what value you can receive in return.

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