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This week on BBF we will share some great advice that EVERY business owner could benefit from. With us on the show is Bernadette Schwerdt, who offers us an excellent insight into the online sphere thanks in no small part to her experience writing her book “Secrets of Online Entrepreneurs”. For the book she interviewed 100 of the most disruptive online marketers in the world, so she certainly knows from the best how a business can stand out in a crowded marketplace.

A copywriter by trade, Bernadette has created campaigns for the likes of Apple, American Express and BHP and is the founder of the Australian School Of Copywriting. And what’s more, Bernadette has actually appeared on Neighbours a total of four times!

See below for some of Bernadette’s top online-marketing insight:

**  60% of small businesses in Australia don’t have a website. This seems incredible, but if your business is part of that 60% then it’s time to get with it!!

**  Retailers who already have an offline presence actually are in the best possible position to succeed online.

**  Think offline before you go online. Make that product, make that sale. Don’t try and reach out to a thousand customers if you don’t even have one customer.

**  Understand your metrics. You may not be an SEO expert but you may need to manage one, so you have to know enough to be able to measure the performance of marketing professionals effectively.

**  Make your content sharable. If you make your content good enough to share then you won’t need to pay silly money for advertising.

**  The best way to shape your content is to ‘answer' the questions your customers/clients ask most regularly.

In this episode of Business Brain Food you will learn:

**  Ways to create lead magnets

**  The concept of purchase cycles

**  The importance of content

**  SEO explained

**  How to stand out in a flooded online market

**  Income goals V global disruption

**  The power of A/B testing software

Resources mentioned in this episode:

**  Build the business you imagined with coaching from Maxmyprofit

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Getting noticed in a flooded online marketplace might seem daunting, but if you follow Bernadette’s simple advice you cannot fail to make progress!

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Until next time, have a profitable day!

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