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Books can be a very powerful way for an entrepreneur to arrive in their marketplace, as well as a brilliant journey of self discovery. Every entrepreneur should consider writing a book, but how do you go about doing it?

On the show this week we have Joanne Fedler to walk us through the process. Joanne is an international bestelling auther of 10 books (selling over 650,000), one of which even outsold Harry Potter for a short time to top the Amazon bestseller chart. Joanne is now a specialist writing tutor, so it really was a privilege to get her practical advice for free.

Read on for Joanne’s top tips:

**  Don’t wait to be chosen by a publisher, choose yourself! Self publishing has never been more possible.

**  Don’t rush the writing of a book. For something that will have long-lasting value, you should expect to be spending 1 - 2 years from beginning to end.

**  Get the best editor you can afford. Most of the best creativity comes from teamwork.

**  Understand your why. If you don’t establish why you care so much about an issue to write a book about it, you will never focus properly.

**  Create a routine for writing. Break down your big idea into digestible chunks.

**  You don’t need to write your book in chronological order. Write what comes naturally and decide on the order right at the end.

**  Publishing a book is as simple as buying an ISBN number from Bowker and spending a couple of hundred dollars with Ingram Spark who will upload your book to Amazon and all of their distributors.

**  Books can be printed on demand. You will never have to gamble with a big initial outlay.

In this episode of Business Brain Food you will learn:

**  How long it takes to write a book that has substance

**  What stops people writing

**  The power of deadlines

**  How to use your defining moment in life to empower your writing

**  How to find a publisher

**  The optimum routine for writing a book

**  How to get an ISBN number

**  Affordable self-publishing options


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As Joanne says, “everyone’s got a book in them”. Now you know how to write it and publish it, what’s stopping you?

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