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Every business needs good systems. It might not seem like the most glamorous thing on the desk of an entrepreneur, but once you hear Scott Gellatly talk about systems, you’ll start to appreciate their magic!

Scott has an extensive background in large-scale IT and project management, having founded his hugely successful company, Scale My Empire. He’s built an easy-to-use framework that can help any business owner, and he’s been kind enough to share it with us on the show.

Read on for Scott’s top tips:

**  Developments in technology should be seen as an opportunity for leverage and empowerment. If you think back to olden times, a farmer who took the plunge and started to use a horse & cart would be more empowered than a farmer who stuck to what he knew and merely continued to use a hoe.

**  Technology helps you work on the business rather than work in it.

**  Think of the high divorce rate among business owners. Creating systems that take you away from the stress of the coalface can literally change your life.

**  You must give your employees a process, a platform and a way of measuring it. The right system will do this.

**  A system can allow a low-paid employee to do tasks that would previously have been done by a higher-paid employee. This directly increases your margin.

**  Business owners consistently struggle to delegate. Systems are a great opportunity to change this.


In this episode of Business Brain Food you will learn:

**  Why people avoid systems

**  The ‘triangle’ of systems

**  Futureproofing your business

**  Where you should start when systemising

**  How systems can help recruitment

**  What the newest technology will do for the human race

**  AI’s potential to assign work across a business


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There is beauty and empowerment in systems! Just listen to Scott and think of what you can do to empower your business and your employees.

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Until next time, have a profitable day!

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