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This week we talk to someone who has used adversity in business to do things a different way. John Abbott lost six businesses during the GFC and went off to Bali with only a backpack to his name, but soon he found a winning formula in business by using giveaways.

John is an inspirational man who has worked with some truly inspirational people, such as Richard Branson, Roger Hamilton and Paul Dunn. As the founder of the Results Platform Foundation and Global Enterprise, John has truly practiced what he has preached and has the results to prove it.


Read on for John’s top tips on work/life balance and the power of giveaways:

**  Swift action is the best. It’s tempting to hold onto a failing business for the sake of your staff, but it might actually be better for them to make a change sooner rather than later.

**  Do not hide! Front up to people if you owe them money – then you stand a better chance of  successful negotiation.

**  In Bali, John saw “extraordinarily wealthy people” living with almost no money. Whatever you are doing in business, remember that it is possible to be happy without massive monetary wealth.

**  Giving is a good way of turning what would normally be a sales conversation into something easier.

**  If you offer real value for free and someone makes a commitment to receive it, they are more likely to commit to buying something further down the line.

**  You can offer a giveaway for a limited number of people. Think of all of the people who apply for the giveaway who don’t make it… you can then contact them and make them a special offer.

In this episode of Business Brain Food you will learn:

**  How John coped with losing everything

**  When to let go of a failing business

**  How to use giving to benefit your business and everyone

**  How to manage the demand for giveaways

**  The power of “human to human” marketing


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There is a lot you can learn from John. First, that it is possible to come back from a dire financial situation as both a person and a businessman, and second, that giving is an immensely powerful sales/marketing tool.

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Until next time, have a profitable day!

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