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What a pleasure it is to talk about a monumental Aussie success story. As the founder of, Cameron Adams has flown the flag for Aussie entrepreneurs the world over by creating a collaborative online design platform that has literally changed the lives of millions.

The basic premise of Canva was to empower people who were not naturally gifted in the area of design to get creative. Canva succeeded in spades and is now worth over $1bn! As well as telling the story of their meteoric rise, Cameron gave us some brilliant insight that all entrerpreneurs could benefit from.


Read on for Cameron’s top tips:

**  Understand what your strength is in business. If you are an expert on product/invention then you need to make sure you have someone alongside you who is more focused on process and management.

**  Get your onboarding right. Don’t subject your employees to too many ‘sink or swim’ situations.

**  When trying to raise investment you should really focus on getting your first investor over the line. Then others will follow.

**  Get your content right. Do that and you won’t need to spend big money on conventional marketing.

**  Creating a great product is your best form of marketing.

**  When doing your marketing campaigns, always work to a KPI, i.e. "cost per new lead”

Think properly about the product you’re building. Stay faithful to your vision by not pandering to fads and investor agendas.


In this episode of Business Brain Food you will learn:

**  The sensational rise of Canva

**  The best uses of Canva as a design tool

**  How Cameron raised funding in the early days

**  Is there a formula for being a successful entrepreneur?

**  How Canva gathered intelligence from its customers

**  The best ‘kind’ of investor


Resources mentioned in this episode:

**  Book yourself in for a complimentary business assessment at

**  Go to for design inspiration.

**  Cameron says that Canva is always looking to hire fresh new talent. Simply google “canva jobs” to see what’s out there at the moment.

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Cameron’s success is based on many positive factors, but the quote that really hit home is this one: “Create a culture in your company where your workers are encouraged to be a good human and to empower others."

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