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We’re tackling some deep ideology this week with our very esteemed guest, Anne Bahr Thompson.

Anne has been named America’s top thought-leader for 2018, having published a hugely successful book called “Do Good” which explains how modern-day business can do good for the world and still make profit at the same time.

You will have to listen to the show to hear exactly what Anne’s five rules of contientious business are, but keep reading for some additional insight from the show.


See some of the conversation points below:

**  Nowadays people want businesses to solve problems with social issues and the environment; not just their own specific customer ‘problem’.

**  Think of how you build trust with your closest friends… this is the way you should shape the relationship with your customer base.

**  Make sure you build a good ethos in your company. If you obviously stand for something, you can relate to your audience.

**  Responsibility begins with how you treat your employees.

**  Business is a social organism - never forget this! It exists in the same society we spend our everyday lives in.

**  Foster a sense of community in your organisation. Shared values amongst employees can be very powerful indeed.

**  Don’t be scared of making mistakes when you run a company. If you are sincere enough in learning from the mistakes, your marketplace will trust you.


In this episode of Business Brain Food you will learn:

**  Examples of good corporate citizenship

**  How Apple built trust with its customers

**  How to be clear about your values and culture

**  Why the banks lost trust

**  The ‘stakeholder view’ versus the ‘shareholder view’

**  Social entrepreneurialism explained

**  Courage in business


Resources mentioned in this episode:

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Remember what Anne said about creating virtuous circles. Now more than ever it is possible for businesses to connect with causes for the sake of the wider good.

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