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Today we hear the amazing story of Dean Taylor; a man who started selling wine as a side hustle but who ultimately cashed in his business for 8m AUD! Since then he has etablished seven other successful businesses. Dean’s story really is an inspiration to all of us.


See some of Dean’s top tips below:

**  Find good people to run your business. If you are a serial entrepreneur, you can’t get bogged down in the detail.

**  Hire long, fire fast. Don’t be shy about moving on if it isn’t working out with an employee.

**  Keep your head clear. Do exercise and spend time with your family.

**  Don’t get too hung up on the numbers. There’s more to life than money!

**  You must embrace technology if you are to be successful in business. Scott Farquhar of Atlessian says: “these days you’re either a tech company, or you’re being disrupted by a tech company”

**  Try and avoid purely competing on price. The mass buying power of the likes of Amazon makes it nigh-on impossible for a small business to compete on price.


In this episode of Business Brain Food you will learn:

**  Dean’s amazing story

**  How to provide a first-class service to your customers

**  How to stay on top of seven businesses

**  How Dean rode out the GFC

**  The changing dynamics of the online marketplace

**  The potential for Amazon Australia


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Dean is an example of a man who made is fortune by taking his chance. If you find yourself in the right place at the right time, be ready!

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