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If you listen to our guest Isaac Tolpin, you will totally change the way you train your staff! Isaac is an EdTech disruptor and an expert in the relationship between human behaviour, technology and business. He knows exactly how to tap into millennials to get the best out of them in the workplace.


See some of Isaac’s top tips below:

**  Micro learning has been proven as the most effective form of learning in business. Bitesized content is the way to go.

**  If you’re doing anything digital, don’t break learner trust. They need to learn something, feedback, complete it and get recognised for it within 5 minutes.

**  Be careful when training your team. Long, extensive courses can become outdated quickly. If your audience sees something irrelevant they will not engage with the rest of the content.

**  Learning should never be an event. Only if it’s constant can it actually change a culture.

**  You can create courses yourself for a tiny percentage of the cost of conventional training courses.

**  48% of millennials will not use a PC for any digital media. Take note of this! You can’t assume you can teach people using long and detailed resources that require a computer.

**  To be a successful entrepreneur, you need to be selective with whose opinion you listen to. Make sure they don’t have a vested interest!


In this episode of Business Brain Food you will learn:

**  The definition of an EdTech disruptor

**  The inner workings of

**  The benefits of micro learning

**  How a leaderboard can encourage learning and achievement

**  Decision-tree mechanisms explained

**  Training via SMS


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Listen to Isaac and modernise your training! Don’t assume millennials will have the patience for long, formal courses.

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