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We have a viral internet legend on the show today, and who knows, maybe he can help you become one too! Max Lanman shot to fame when a humourous advert he created to help sell his girlfriend’s second-hand car went viral (the original Youtube clip is at 6.7m viewers and counting!). Max also has a business that creates video content for clients around the world, so he’s a very good man to speak to about how to maximise the impact of your video campaigns.


See some of Max’s top tips below:

**  Find an emotional background for everything that you do. Understand what you want your audience to feel.

**  Be careful to not place too much of an emphasis of AB testing. If you’re too systematic, your output will lack humanity.

**  Think of your video output as a multi-pronged attack. These days, the best campaigns are normally spread over multiple short videos rather than one long one.

**  If you genuinely connect with the video you’re shooting, there’s a good chance the audience will too.

**  Don’t get too hung up on expensive equipment. How you use it is so much more important.


In this episode of Business Brain Food you will learn:

**  Max’s incredible story

**  What Max has learnt about video from his journey

**  The value of TV commercials in 2018

**  “The emotional north star"

**  Entertaining V educating in adverts

**  Explainer videos

**  Setting the right budget


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You can never guarantee that a video will “go viral”, but if you follow Max’s lead and concentrate on every last detail, you will give yourself every chance.

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