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We had a really insightful conversation with Lee Martin Seymour about how to define yourself in a crowded marketplace, and how his company X Ref is revolutionising employee references. Martin’s company began as an idea scribbled on the back of a napkin, but now he has a global business that recently raised AUD 20m from a flotation.

See some of Lee’s top tips below:

**  Successful entrepreneurs love risk and have the ability to make a decision. If you’ve got a good idea, make that decision and run with it!

**  People normally complain about a product/process if they know there is an alternative, but often they won’t complain if there is no obvious alternative way of doing things. Just because you can’t see a public demand for something doesn’t mean you shouldn’t take your idea forwards.

**  When recruiting, make data-driven decisions, not gut-driven decisions.

**  When hiring new employees, ALWAYS do a reference check!

**  When making big business decisions, i.e. listing as a PLC, try and get unbiased advice from people who don’t stand to gain from the ultimate decision.


In this episode of Business Brain Food you will learn:

**  The importance of culture over KPI

**  What questions to ask when taking a reference

**  How to focus on one problem

**  How long a reference should be

**  Listing companies explained

**  The benefits of hands-on company ownership


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Lee keeps going back to the point of “Culture over KPI”. Creating a happy team is absolutely fundamental to the success of any business.

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