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In this episode we talk about the all-important concept of looking after number one. Rik Schnabel has been coaching people for 15 years, empowering them to throw away their baggage and achieve their ambitions. Rik has authored four books and is a certified life coach, so he certainly knows what he’s talking about.


See some of Rik’s top tips below:

**  We all need to be better sales people because all of us are basically selling something.

**  Beliefs are your on and your off switch. They can totally define your future.

**  It takes a lot of courage to believe in something that is difficult to prove. But you must keep believing!

**  Reasons get results. When you have a good reason you will do what you can to succeed.

**  Books and videos can help, but coaching is the ultimate for turning yourself around. Even Rik is coached by somebody else.

**  Time and money are basically used as the biggest excuses for not getting more time and more money.


In this episode of Business Brain Food you will learn:

**  Rik’s amazing story

**  How to avoid negative believers

**  How to invest in your why

**  Is it possible to change your mindset on your own?

**  The seven beliefs that hold people back

**  Imposter syndrome

Resources mentioned in this episode:

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Call to action:

As Rik says, “the best ROi in life will come from training with a coach”. Don’t forget the importance of your own mindset!

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