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How do you make email marketing a relevant part of your marketing mix? We find out from Aweber’s head of overall strategy, Erik Harbison. With 20 years of experience in marketing and advertising behind him, Erik really knows his way around. Although we hear horror stories of open rates down below 10%, Erik shows us what you can do to engage your email lists and achieve open rates of up to 80%.


See some of Erik’s top tips below:

**  Don’t be scared of email marketing. It’s a lot more simple than people think.

**  If you are sending the right email to a targeted segment of your database, you can achieve up to 80% open rates. Segmentation is key!

**  The deliverability of your emails is driven by many different factors. A key factor is the history of engagement on your email lists. Always make sure EVERY email is relevant, or you’ll be marked down.

**  Always think about the end action you want your readers to take once they read your email. Don’t just stop at open rates.

**  Set the expectations of your users from the beginning, i.e. “you’re signing up to a monthly email”


In this episode of Business Brain Food you will learn:

**  Where is email marketing right now?

**  The fear factor of email marketing

**  Open rates

**  Good ‘signals’ and bad

**  When to use a CRM

**  How best to place images in emails

**  How to monetise your subscribers


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Call to action:

As Erik says, “begin with the end in mind”. Each email and each campaign behind it will only work if you focus hard on the end goal.

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