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Steve Brossman is a truly inspirational guy. He turned his hand at many different things and absolutely smashed it, but what is even more admirable is the way he did it. Steve goes against the grain of common thinking but does so in a pragmatic way.

The entrepreneurial streak was in him from a young age. At 15 he set up a surfboard-making business in his Dad’s garage which was to plant the seed for decades of success in business, but first he had to learn the hard way. While training for the LA Olympics as a sprinter he slipped three discs in his back and ended his career, but fortunately he didn’t wallow in excuses for failure and saw his rehab as a great opportunity. This inspired him to build up a successful gym/health club business, and then just for good measure he went on to sell 4 million “Butts out” personal ashtrays that reduced cigarette litter by 70%! There is so much we can all learn from Steve’s approach.

See some of Steve’s top tips below:
** Mentors are vital. Not having one was a big reason why Steve injured himself when training for the Olympics. This has served as an important lesson thoughout his life in business.
** Take full responsibility for your mistakes! We all make them but by fronting up and not blaming people you can move on and learn from them.
** Once you’ve done something well, package up your knowledge and your skills so you can make money by teaching other people them.
** Never assume market leaders are right. Sometimes they can be set in their ways.
** “Don’t sell the pieces, sell the solution”. Steve’s sale of personal ashtrays + marketing campaigns to go with them is proof of the value of selling the 100% solution rather than just one product within that solution.
** Steve has a rule that if by the second meeting he doesn’t feel like he can take somebody home and introduce them to his family, he won’t work with them.
In this episode of Business Brain Food you will learn:
** What defined Steve as an entrepreneur
** How Steve went against conventional market thinking
** The power of reinvention
** What motivates Steve
** The dangers of listening to convention
** How to sell a solution rather than a product
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“What got you here is not going to get you the future,” says Steve. Don’t get complacent with your business!
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