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It’s always nice to speak to someone who’s truly in it for the love. Anneke van den Broek’s journey as a petcare entrepreneur began when she was just six years old where she bred her own mice and sold them to her local petshop! Now she presides over Rufus & Coco; Australia’s most-awarded petcare brand that now has a presence in nine different countries.


See some of Anneke’s top tips below:

** Don’t always assume you know exactly what the customer wants from the beginning. Get out there and meet them.

** Understand your why. You’re more likely to achieve longevity if your motivation is from a purpose higher than money.

** Be present to seize the opportunity. Do not underestimate the importance of trade shows and corporate networking.

** Think about “the airport test”. If you got stuck in an airport with a member of your team, would you enjoy their company? Anneke has nobody work for her that couldn’t pass the airport test!

In this episode of Business Brain Food you will learn:

** The story of Rufus & Coco spelling??

** How to truly understand your customer base

** The power of business coaching

** The advantages of being a small business

** How Anneke raised capital in order to grow

** How to utilise a team full of entrepreneurs

Resources mentioned in this episode:

** Do you think you have what it takes to become a Business Excellerator at Max My Profit? Visit:

** Visit Rufus & Coco’s website here

** Find Anneke on Linkedin here

** Visit the website of Entrepreneur’s Organization here

** All previous BBF episodes & show notes can be found at

** Twitter:

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Anneke came out with one of the greatest quotes we’ve ever had on the show, so we will finish on this inspirational note: “Real success is not living forever but creating something that will.”

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