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It’s always nice to get a guest back that everyone loved the first time around, so it’s a great pleasure to introduce Robert Gerrish to the show once again. We first spoke to Robert about his Flying Solo group (and accompanying book); a collective that supports people in business who are starting, growing and exiting. Now he’s written another book called the One-Minute Commute, but most importantly he talks absolute sense about business and life. Listen up!


See some of Robert’s top tips below:


**  Over 70% of Aussie small businesses don’t even have a premises. There is nothing wrong with this…. embrace it!

**  Don’t just picture your material dreams in life. Picture what you’re doing in life.

**  Be agile in business - sometimes you just need to adjust. This doesn’t mean you’re a failure!

**  Don’t be so hung up on being busy with the day to day. Take the time out to understand what you might need to do to future-proof your business.

**  Understand the value of your business, even if you aren’t planning on selling it. Be prepared for everything!

In this episode of Business Brain Food you will learn:


**  Busting the myths of a “lifestyle business”

**  How Robert ditched the rat race

**  Robert’s history with business coaching

**  How Robert attracted over 100,000 members to Flying Solo

**  The size of the small-business marketplace in Australia

**  How your business can be flexible and move with the times


Resources mentioned in this episode:


**  Do you think you have what it takes to become a Business Excellerator at Max My Profit? Visit:

 **  Robert’s book can be purchased here

 **  Listen to Robert’s podcast here

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Robert’s story is a great example of someone who has his priorities right. Always make sure your business fits into your wider objectives in life.


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Until next time, have a profitable day!


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