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Sam Wood’s story is a great reminder of what is possible if you seize the moment. He fought off stiff competition to be a contestant on the Aussie TV show, Bachelor, where not only did he meet the woman who is now his wife, he also built a business off the back of it that attracted 140,000 members in just three years!


See some of Sam’s top tips below:

**  Grasp those opportunities. Be aware when an opportunity of a lifetime is staring you in the face.


**  Consider doing live videos to promote yourself - they were immensely effective for Sam.


**  Be flexible and listen to your customers.


**  Ask people’s advice on your new ventures but don’t ask too many. Make sure you trust these people implicitly.


**  If you’re running a business, be active in creating content. Even if this doesn’t feel like a strength, your personal touch can go a long way.


**  Don’t be too busy working in rather than working on your business.



In this episode of Business Brain Food you will learn:

**  Sam’s amazing story


**  The benefits of working for yourself


**  How Sam generates his ideas


**  How Sam tests his ideas


**  How Sam juggles his many commitments


**  How Sam got 5,000 members within 2 months of launching



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If you can’t be inspired by Sam then you can’t be inspired by anyone. If you’re stuck in a rut, get off your ass and make something happen!


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