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This week we talk to someone who truly understands the humanity of entrepreneurship.

Although Stella Petrou Concha has been named as one of Australia’s Top 10 Female Entrepreneurs, she insists that failure was one of the main things that helped her get there.

Today she presides over the REO Group: a dynamic management consultancy and recruitment agency, but the most interesting part of her story is how she coped with her turbulent life in business before it.


See some of Stella’s top tips below:

**  If you have too much energy for the corporate world then you should probably be an entrepreneur!

**  Remember that an entrepreneurial mindset might not always be the best for setting up structure. If you’re more of a visionary, don’t be afraid to delegate.

**  Don’t be scared to change direction. Every decision Stella took was to take an opportunity to be her own best self.

**  Be willing to put yourself out there and give it a go. The best way to learn is to fail first!

**  If you’re a small business you have a great opportunity to sell an experience beyond just your product and give something back while you’re doing it, i.e. a B1G1 initiative.


In this episode of Business Brain Food you will learn:

**  How CBT and NLP relate to business

**  How to name your business

**  How to scale

**  The questions you should ask of yourself as an entrepreneur

**  How you can give back


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A final nugget of advice from Stella: “Fall in love with the success in business just as much as you fall in love with the failure.”

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