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Isn’t it great when someone sees a problem and has the balls to set up a business to solve it?

Our man Julian Leach did just that, and he tells us all about how you could do it too. It all started back in 2011 when Julian wasn’t at home for the delivery of a book he’d ordered from the USA.

He was so angry that the book was sent back to the USA that he set about creating a company (now called Parcelpoint) which now does a fine job in making sure Australians don’t have to endure a parcel-delivery nightmare like that ever again.


See some of Julian’s top tips below:

**  Capture your inspiration! Julian carried a notebook so he could brainstorm ways to solve numerous problems and one day he built a business out of it.

**  Understand your competition. Can you really compete with them? If you can’t, how about a merger?

**  See your shareholders as more than just money raisers. If you make yourself properly accountable to them then that will focus your mind and your business.

**  If you’re a growing business but you don’t experience growing pains, you’re either just not looking hard enough or your business ain’t really growing at all! Expect a bumpy ride on the path to growth and success.

**  If you’re serious about raising capital, make sure you have a sound proof of concept and significant data to back it up.


In this episode of Business Brain Food you will learn:

**  The sharing economy

**  The benefits of merging with your competition

**  How shareholders can contribute more than just money

**  How Parcelpoint raised AUD 4.5m

**  How Parcelpoint landed a place on the websites of mega brands


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Wise words from Julian to keep you and your business on track: “It’s impossible to do too many things well”.

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Until next time, have a profitable day!

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