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Dean Evans tells us how he managed to turn a successful career as a soccer player for Perth Glory into a successful business career afterwards. Nowadays Dean runs Western Australia’s leading soccer coaching centre, which is inspiring youth and adult players of all standards. In only two years of operation, their elite youth coaching program has been good enough to attract the attention of EPL big boys Aston Villa who are taking on their hot young talent.


See some of Dean’s top tips below:

**  If you’re surrounded by entrepreneurs, make use of it and do it yourself.

**  Don’t fill your life with naysayers. Their negative energy will rub off on you.

**  It took Dean a year of planning before setting up his business. There is something to be said for being patient and making sure you’re geared-up for success.

**  Localise your social media targeting. Facebook ads is great for this.



In this episode of Business Brain Food you will learn:

**  How to succeed with self funding

**  What business can learn from sport

**  How to manage social media successfully

**  The power of a mentor


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If you’re in doubt about whether to follow your dream to become an entrepreneur, have a listen to this from Dean: “Take the risk, but if you believe in what you do you’ll go a long way with it.”

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Until next time, have a profitable day!

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