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This week we get some great marketing takeaways from someone who’s really been there and done it. Cham Tang is the head of marketing and co-founder of Authentic Education; a BRW Fast100-company no less. He is also a great friend of MaxMyProfit - we’ve done a lot of work with him in the past and we know just how good he is. Can you believe that Cham has spent over two million AUD of his own money on marketing? This is the kind of guy you want to be giving you marketing advice!

See some of Trent’s top tips below:
** Most marketing skills can be taught. Don’t assume you can’t do it.
** It’s okay for people not to like you sometimes. One negative shouldn’t skew your instinctive way of doing things.
** Beware of developing negative belief systems. Often the most negative beliefs become subconscious and very difficult to shift.
** People are generally more happy with the progress during the journey than they are with the outcome of the journey. This means that getting out of your comfort zone to learn something new can be more enjoyable than you think.
** Think of your perfect customer/client avatar. Zone in on that instead of watering down your offering to please too many people.
** Just because ‘no one else is doing it’ doesn’t make it a good business idea.
In this episode of Business Brain Food you will learn:
** The work of Authentic Education
** How to transition from back office to becoming a front man
** How to develop winning beliefs
** The myth of the passive-income goal
** The cost of acquiring a new client V appealing to existing ones
** The three Ps explained
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We’ll end with a great quote from Henry Ford that Cham shared with us during the show. “Nothing is terribly difficult if you break it into small pieces.”
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